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mmi 1 - Website
mmi 1 - Short movie
mmi 1 - The creation of a Gif
mmi 1 - External communication of an organism
mmi 1 - Tutored project
mmi 2 - Court métrage
mmi 2 - A blog
mmi 2 - Articles layout
mmi 2 - Films' analysis
A chinese portrait consists in introduce yourself throught what you like.
Here I could try myself on Javascript,added to HTML and CSS. I ended up with a sticky navbar and a parallax effect.
Moreover in a concrete process way, we had to elaborate wireframes, models and so on.
This website hadn't to be responsive, so that it's actually pretty bad on mobile.
#Javascript #Photoshop #html #css
As directives, we only had one simple scenario : someone is going to an interview.
There we were free to choose a mood (action for me) and show this mood's code on screen in order to tell the story.
Unfortunately the file is not online, perhaps it will… One day.
In order to have a first try on video edition software, we had to make a GIF, freestyle.
I wanted to do a solar system with all the planet rotating around the sun, and even the moon.The result is simple but efficient.
I also had to deal with vectorial objects in Illustrator.

We had to choose an organism and analyze its external communication.

With my mate we decided to work on the Philharmonie de Paris.

#analyse #indesign

This project took place in the first years on 2-Years technical degree.

We had, two comrades and I, to make a platform which had as a purpose to introduce the formation "MMI" and also the students.

As a project manager and developer I had to deal with inter communication, tasks & time splitting.

I also actively participated to the conception and the creation of the platform that is nowadays offline.

#mysql #Javascript #management #html #php #css

For this project we had to make a short movie.

Only one constraint was given : a part of the footage had to be shot in Scotland, during a school trip. And so arised (S)WITCH.

#PremierePro #finalCut

During a school trip in Scotland, we had a team work to do.

Every day we write an article about a subject defined before the trip and post it on a wordpress blog.

With the group we decided to work about Scottish style, in a large view

#english #soundRecording #wordpress

Back to France after a school trip in Scotland, we had, in groups, to layout many articles we wrote there.


In audiovisual courses, in order to understand the basics of cinema, we had to analyze 12 movies extracts we chose.

3 per each cinema great inputs : voice, music, atmosphere and special effects. The project must have a "multimedia" shape. I went for a website.

#html #css #Javascript #analyse

During my past study years I explored different domains such as audiovisual, development, management and graphic design.

So that I'm interested in many technologies and always enjoy to edit short movies or waste time on photoshop.

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